First off, I love a good sandwich, like lovvvvvvvvve. French dips, club sandwiches, BLT’s, banh mi’s, cubans, po boy’s, the sandwich station at Eatzi’s…I can go on, they’re all delicious. But you don’t hear much about tortas and I’m going to go ahead and say it – I think tortas are an underrated sandwich. They really don’t let the recognition they deserve.

If you have not had a torta before, you’re missing out. They’re simple, yet so flavorful when you bite into it. The bread can make or break a sandwich. Tortas use telera bread which is similar to French bread. Costco sells delicious telera rolls. If you can’t find telera rolls, bollilo rolls work also!

This sandwich was very impromptu. I really like making breakfast sandwiches for us on the weekend (really, any day of the week), but we didn’t have the usual ingredients. I had some leftover black refried beans that I needed to use up, but no tortillas to make tacos or huevos rancheros. And then it came to me – breakfast tortas!

This was so easy to put together, delicious and a new take on our breakfast sandwich, I just had to share it with you guys! (Apologies for the not-so-great pictures from my phone.) Really the only cooking you’re doing is warming up the refried beans, cooking your breakfast meat of choice and frying an egg.


Start off by lightly toasting your bread. Take the bottom of the roll and spread on the warmed refried beans. Personally, I like black refried beans, but if you like regular pinto refried beans then by all means use that. Feel free to add some hot sauce on top of the beans at this point!


Next you will sprinkle some shredded cheese on top. If I had cotija, I would have used that, but shredded cheddar & Monterey jack does the trick here.


After the cheese, you will add your breakfast meat of choice. It can be bacon, breakfast sausage, chorizo, ham, veggie sausage patties…anything!


For the veggies, again there’s really no wrong way to go here. I had baby spinach and jalapenos on hand, so I used that. Though I wish I had some sliced red onion, tomato and avocado to add. Next time, I’ll be ready! 😉


Once you have your toppings, add your fried egg, stick on the top of the bun and dig in! I like to cook our eggs over medium so you get that nice runny yolk. Mmmmm.


Let me know what combinations you come up with! Enjoy!





  • Telera roll (or bollilo roll)
  • Hot sauce (I love Valentina!)
  • Refried beans (black, refried or vegetarian)
  • Shredded cheese
  • Breakfast meat of choice (bacon, breakfast sausage, chorizo, veggie sausage, etc.)
  • Toppings – lettuce, jalapenos, tomato slices, sliced onion, sliced avocado
  • Fried egg


Cook breakfast meat of choice accordingly
Lightly toast both sides of bread
While the bread is toasting, warm the refried beans
Cook the egg to your personal preference (fried, over easy, scrambled)
In the following order, add ingredients layer by layer:
– Spread refried beans on bottom of roll
– Hot sauce
– Shredded cheese
– Breakfast meat
– Additional toppings (lettuce, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, etc.)
– Fried egg
– Top of roll and enjoy!

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