Buffalo Chicken Bites

Are you ready for some footballllllll?!? I know I am! 😀 It’s going to be a tough year for my Niners, but you gotta keep the faith, right? Football is usually a sign that Fall is coming…leaves starting to change colors, crisp cool air, scarves and boots! Football season also means game-day snacks! More specifically, finger foods. [...]

Chicken Souvlaki

At work I am part of a Lunch Swap group with some friends. We got the idea from Bon Appetit magazine a couple months ago when they did an article on it. Essentially we choose a week in the month and each person is assigned to a day. It works out because you are then [...]

Back In Business!

Technology, y’all. Sometimes it gets the best of you. We had some web hosting issues, but we’re up and running again. I unfortunately lost all my past posts and didn’t have everything backed up, so I’m starting from scratch. Lesson learned, but I’m okay with it now. 🙂 It’s like a fresh start! I finally [...]